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For centuries, Olive Oil has been known as a remedy for damaged hair and skin. It is considered the best natural formula for dry and sensitive skin, as it softens the texture of the skin whilst nourishing and protecting, without interfering with the skin's natural function. Try the pure or goat’s milk olive oil soaps which are mild and moisturizing for extra sensitive skin, those affected by Eczema or Psoriasis. These soaps are even suitable for babies, as they are mild and nourishing.

Lavender scented olive oil soap is just the thing for its calming and relaxing qualities; whilst Lemon Myrtle and Citrus will give you a zesty "get up and go freshness" for a busy day ahead but still with the same softness.

Vanilla and Frangipani are both deliciously scented whilst still retaining their moisturizing qualities.

Rose fragrance Olive Oil Soap will take you back to your childhood or into your Grandma’s bathroom!

Olive Oil Liquid Soap

Great to use in the shower or have by the sink. This product will double as a Shampoo/Conditioner combination also. Scented in either Lavender or Lemon Myrtle, these soaps are both moisturising and nourishing. You will not be left with the ‘dry and stretched’ feel that you get with some of the supermarket brand liquid soaps.
Ingredients: Saponified Olive Oil, Essential Oils

Olive Oil Moisturiser

A lovely soft non- greasy moisturising cream for all over use. Both moisturisers have a subtle Lavender and Citrus scent and contain bergamot essential oils which aids in healing. Use this soft, light formula as a day time moisturiser, a night cream, or as a make-up remover. It will soften dry heals and elbows. Both moisturisers have the same scent and feel, however as this is a handmade product each batch may differ slightly. Due to the high oil content, it is recommended to use the product within 18 months of purchase.

Olive Oil Soap

$ 5.00 for (approx) 100gm.
Moisturising hand cut bar, suitable for all skin types, even babies and those with sensitive skin.

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