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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For thousands of years olive oil has been used as a source of energy, both for we humans to consume as an energy food source but also, and most people possibly don’t think about this, as a source of energy for heating and light. In fact one style of olive oil is called Lampard oil which is used as fuel for, you guessed it lamps.

Olive oil is also used as a lubricant, mostly for kitchen gadgets, and as a polish for wooden furniture and stainless steel

Originating, it is thought in Asia Minor or Greece, Olive Oil can be placed back archeologically to about 8000 years BC. Oil played an important role in the economy of those early civilizations. More recently, over the last 2000 odd year’s Olive oil has presented itself in the Jewish, Christian and Islamic religions.

Olive Oil Products

Olive Oil is also used as a base for soaps, cosmetics & detergents

Medical journals around the world tout the benefits of Olive oil in the diet. Known to reduce the bad cholesterol in our systems whilst promoting the good, it also has positive effects on coronary heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cancers, macular degeneration and osteoarthritis.

Chilli & Garlic Infused

This Olive Oil has a foundation of Mission Olives with dried garlic and Chilli add to impart their flavours. This oil can be used in any cooking, pan frying, stir frys, BBQ and as a zing to a heavier salad.

Early Season

This oil is crushed from the Nevadillo Olive. It is picked when the olives are mostly green and so has a more robust flavour.


Crushed from the Verdale variety of olive once they have turned mostly black. This Oil has given us a Gold Medal every year it has been entered in shows.

Description by judge 2015 Gold: Intense exotic fruit on nose. Milder fruit on palate, late lingering chilly pungency.

Late Season EVOO

Crushed from the Mission variety of Olive once they have turned completely black this oil is classed as mild oil.

Lemon Lime Augmento

This Olive Oil has a foundation of Mission Olives, home grown Lemons and Limes which are crushed and macerated together. The oil in the lemon and lime skins is extracted with the olive oil to give it, its fantastic flavour. This is great for cooking both fish and chicken, or even if you steam or bake these dishes, drizzle some of this oil over to bring out the flavour. Use on steamed green vegetables to change from OK to exceptional.

Three Thirds EVOO

This oil as our first blended oil from Frantoio, Barnea, & Picaul. It is picked when the olives are mostly green and so has a more robust flavour.

Description by judge 2015 Bronze: Mild fragrance with apple on the nose. Slight fruity and creamy textures on the palate. Warm finish.

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