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An Olive a Day Keeps Health Risks at Bay!

Posted by Donna on Jul 08, 2016

Read on to Discover The Benefits of Including Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Your Diet.

If there ever was a ‘magical pill’ that the Greeks took, it would have to be olives. The Mediterranean diet sure tells us of this fact with the way olives are used in nearly every dish.

Today, extra virgin olive oil is a huge part of gourmet cooking, and why not! Not only does it give the food a refined flavour, it also adds a burst of healthiness to your daily diet. Aside from that cosmetic products too cannot deny the power of the mighty olive.

With the extra ‘olive-hype’, I’m sure you’ve found yourself wondering what the benefits of this magical potion might be and exactly what kind of good it does to your body.

The List of Health Benefits Include:

  1. Reduce the risk of Diabetes – If you find laying off on your sugar intake more than difficult you may want to consider adding some olives to your diet. Extra Virgin olive oil is known to help keep your insulin levels in check. This will help decrease the risk of you turning diabetic. 

  2. Helps prevent Strokes and keeps your heart healthy – Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats which helps slow down the ageing of your heart. A young heart is sure to have an extra energetic ‘thump-thump’ and remarkably functioning arteries. A regular and healthy pumping of the blood might also help prevent clots from forming and in turn reduces the risk of succumbing to a stroke.

  3. Helps prevent Skin Cancer – Well that sure explains why several sunscreens have the goodness of olives in them. Studies have even gone on to prove that olive oil is extra rich in antioxidants and its consumption helps fight the oxidising effect of the sun.

  4. Helps prevent Osteoporosis – All the ladies out there, here’s one big reason to include extra virgin olive oil in all your cooking and not just the gourmet dishes! Being known to improve bone calcification and bone mineralization, a regular intake of this delicious oil will sure help in calcium absorption and keep something as painful as osteoporosis at bay.

  5. Reduces the risk of Depression – The latest studies show that olives are not only helping to keep your body healthy but these little guys also help keep those positive, happy thoughts extra alive. Perhaps this explains why cosmetic products and gourmet food leave you feeling like royalty, it’s probably the extra virgin olive oil working its charm.

  6. Prevents Alzheimer’s disease – If there’s one trait you can be sure of, it’s the vitality of virgin olive oil. Studies show that olives help prevents your cognitive abilities from aging. With all those life-giving oxidants, olives tend to reverse the damage caused by the aging process.

  7. Reduces weight loss – Cutting down on oil in food is a common step taken toward losing weight. But here’s the beauty of using extra virgin olive oil, you get to enjoy well-flavoured gourmet food and also keep your weight loss program in check. Consuming olives could actually be a healthier choice than a low-fat diet. What’s more the market sure has a good stock of products with olives in them. Bye-bye oil-free food, Hello gourmet food!

  8. Smooth functioning of your body – We’ve all seen how oiling helps an engine function smoothly and better. And that’s exactly how it works for your body too! Just like applying some skin product might leave your skin feeling smooth and soft, virgin olive oil helps in the smooth functioning of your digestive organs.

And that’s not all! The list of health benefits seems endless! You sure wouldn’t think that just a simple switch to extra virgin olive oil would help reduce several health risks. From head to toe, this magic potion works its charm and works wonders on your insides as well as your outsides. With gourmet food and cosmetic products on its side, the mighty olive sure is mighty!