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Make weekends memorable at Mildura

Posted by Donna Scopelliti on Aug 22, 2016

Here's a list of things to make your weekends unique.

No matter what occasion falls on a weekday or how much you love work, you've got to love weekends! It's your time to just sit back and relax. Try out a hobby, sport, meet up with friends, or just do nothing.

It's really how you make it unforgettable that counts. Many opt for the popular 'weekend getaway'. There may be several places to choose from for a weekend visit. Nature, weather, company, etc. are few of the things that help you make up your mind.

The most important one is having a list of places and activities that are touristattractions. Mildura is such a place. Hosting some of the finest restaurants, water-sports, wineries and olive oil estates, if visiting, you sure are in for a surprise. Originally being named by Aborigines, Mildura's name stuck on.

It gradually got commercialised thanks to the Murray River and produce like oranges, grapes, berries and olives. If you think this place has selective sight-seeing to offer, think again!

Here's list of tourist attractions to watch out for.

Australian Inland Botanic Gardens

Inland botanic gardens Garden-lover or not, this is one of those places in Mildura you just don’t want to miss out on. This generously sized botanical garden is just across the river and is spread out over 152 hectares with ample space to showcase nature at its best.

It boasts of having trees and shrubs from all over the world. It is most famous for its rose garden, located right in the centre and boasting of a variety of 1600 roses. Such a pretty place also serves as a romantic venue for weddings.

The more fascinating part is that the plants are planted according to geography. This means that you will always get to see the garden in full-bloom. However, every season will bring on a sight that you don’t see throughout the year. Well that’s reason enough to make you want to keep visiting it again and again.

Mungo National Park in Mildura

 discover-milduraEstimated to be at least 100,000 years old, Lake Mungo is one of the top archaeological discoveries. It possesses considerable evidence of indigenous habitation for all those years.

This area is quite a tourist favourite as you get to explore the place at your own pace with the help of signboards that educate about life at Mungo, several years ago. Filled with sand dunes, you might just want to lose yourself to the place. While there, don’t forget to try out the self-guided drive. 

Feast Street

The name says it all! Any foodie visiting Mildura should definitely visit this place. Cafe's restaurants, bars adorn the street almost inviting you to come discover their flavours and cuisines And this is perhaps why Langtree Avenue is known as feast street.

With Mildura’s amazing climate, restaurants have also extended their tables onto the pavements. Whether it’s fine-dining or a casual meal you’ll definitely find something to suit your palate.

Sunraysia Country Markets

stefano-restaurant Market-mania is sure to hit any tourist while he’s discovering a place. Markets surface every weekend so you’re sure to find something that interests you. Rarely seen items, unique wares, products from surrounding estates which are also locally grown – the market is full of it! What’s more, you’re sure to find some stalls offering some local delicacies.  




Murray River

trentham-estate-winery You cannot be visiting Mildura and miss out on a trip to the oh-so-famous Murray River. A river as beautiful and mighty as this one sure deserves a minute to take in its magnificence.

Surrounding greenery on the banks, boats on the lake, and the mesmerizing climate make this the picnic spot you always dreamed of. Camp, fish, soak up sunsets – there’s a host of things for you to try out on the Murray River while in Mildura. 



Oak Valley Estate

oak-valley Located in the Sunraysia district, the oak valley estate is a well-known winery. Wine-tasting and vineyard visits are quite the rage with tourists. And Mildura sure has one such winery. With Victoria, Australia’s unique climate and their historical relaxing ambience, you’re in for a day that will always be etched on your memory. Hand crafted wines, pickles, olive oil, jams, dried fruits, hot chocolate, coffee you name it and they have it! 


Varapodio Estate

This is one of the upcoming activities that seem to be hitting it off really well with tourists – touring olive oil estates. Located just over the Murray River, this estate is a family-owned and operated olive grove. They have a café on the estate itself which is one of the best restaurants in Mildura.

They also offer a host of health products made with olive oil. While you’re there enroll yourself for a tour of the estate to see how olive oil is produced and the processing differences in the different types of olive oil.

If the Murray River has been on your list of places to visit but you just haven’t been able to find reason enough to get down to it, now is the time! You’re acquainted with the history of place as well as the places to visit, which only means you’re in for a great vacation. So what’s stopping you? Pack your stuff and well the weekend is always around the corner.